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Re-Elect Anne Sung: The Best Choice for Strong Schools

As promised, Anne Sung is using her experience to reform HISD to bring an excellent education to every child in every school. Since joining the board in 2016, Trustee Sung has held monthly community meetings and visited each school in her district to ensure every voice is heard and is actively engaged in developing stronger governance, budgeting, and student-centered education for HISD.

  • Responsible Stewardship of Taxpayer Dollars. Anne Sung has been a strong voice on the board for a balanced budget and keeping the school district locally controlled. She has successfully pushed for professional contracting and budgeting standards and was instrumental in developing stronger audit standards for HISD.

  • Educating the Whole Child. True education is more than preparing for standardized tests. Anne Sung led the board in establishing standards and oversight for a rich curriculum that includes the arts and develops critical thinking, communication skills, and college and career readiness.

  • Strategic Partnerships. Anne Sung has championed HISD’s Community Schools initiative, bringing together parents, educators, businesses, and nonprofits to support students in struggling schools.

  • Special Education services. As chair of the Board’s special education ad-hoc committee, Anne Sung oversaw the improvement of the district’s special education services. 

  • College and Career Readiness. True education is more than preparing for standardized tests. Anne Sung supports a challenging curriculum and limiting class size, giving students 21st-century skills necessary for college and career.

  • Strong Principals and Teachers. Anne Sung believes in providing educators with relevant professional development and competitive salaries so that we keep our strongest teachers in HISD. 

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